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[B]Revision 943[/B] [INDENT]Added source for constants and includes. ( local to render ) provides string lookup and parsing for pooled constants. CShaderIncludes implements ID3DXInclude and makes a more reliable include directive for effects. in shaders when < > is used with includes the root shader directory is used. and regular " " includes are local to the directory of the shader/effect. Implemented previous functions mentioned in my last post local to module. CMaterial now uses the MatrixFrame struct to assign matrices.[/INDENT] [B]Changed Files:[/B] [LIST] [*]trunk/Source/render/CMaterial.cpp [*]trunk/Source/render/CMaterial.h [*]trunk/Source/render/CRenderTexture.cpp [*]trunk/Source/render/CShader.cpp [*]trunk/Source/render/CShader.h [*]trunk/Source/render/render.cpp [*]trunk/Source/render/render.h [*]trunk/Source/render/render.vcproj [/LIST] [B]Added Files:[/B] [LIST] [*]trunk/Source/render/CShaderConstant.cpp [*]trunk/Source/render/CShaderConstant.h [*]trunk/Source/render/CShaderIncludes.cpp [*]trunk/Source/render/CShaderIncludes.h [/LIST] Committed By [B]Pat Glynn[/B]
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