• botch: Updated functions which only read memory that took..
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[B]Revision 942[/B] [INDENT]Updated functions which only read memory that took a void * to now take a const void * ( less casting required, and standard for readonly ) Added functions for materials SetValueArray which takes a T[] and optional count SetValueElements which takes a T * and count SetValueData which takes a const T & ( calls SetValue with sizeof(T) ) Added more texture formats. IRender has a new function to return the new matrix struct holding all shading matrices. Added shader constants Missed commit to lingo.h that deals with a prior commit [/INDENT] [B]Changed Files:[/B] [LIST] [*]trunk/Source/public/IMaterial.h [*]trunk/Source/public/IRender.h [*]trunk/Source/public/IShader.h [*]trunk/Source/public/Lingo.h [*]trunk/Source/public/ShaderConstant.h [/LIST] Committed By [B]Pat Glynn[/B]
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