• Spacebuild 3 not loading
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Hello everyone, It's been a while since I played gmod, but here's a problem I can't seem to figure out, even after going trough lots of manuals and tutorials. My server is running Linux Debian 5, I've created a user named 'srcds', installed the source dedicated server for Counter-Strike Source, Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, Left4Dead 2. Additionally, I've installed Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat. De CSS server and de HL2 server work, the L4D2 server isn't running yet and the GMOD server runs as well. However, when I add the required addons for Spacebuild 3, it won't work. The problem lies in the SB3 and the SBEP addons, which won't load. When I join the server, the console gets spammed with the 'Install SB3 addon' messages and when I spawn a model from the SBEP, it does spawn, but it has a green ring in the middle, the physics won't work and the server gives an error it cannot find the model. Now I don't know if there are supposed to appear spawnlist files in the settings/spawnlist directory, but it doesn't, and cleaning the spawnlist folder only recreates the files for the default models and the phx models. For installing the addons, I used the guide at snakesvx.net and the one at sbep.wikia.com, both resulting in the same result. I also tried to reinstall the gmod srcds, with the same result. Any help would be appreciated.
SBEP doesn't work properly on Linux due to the case sensitivity
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