• Garry's mod is dying.
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Whether GMod died or not, ToyBox definitely revived it.
[QUOTE=Justice;25929510]Didn't you get the memo? Garry's Mod is all about roleplaying and making laggy generic PHX/Wiremod/E2 hologram creations. Nobody builds creative things or poses anymore. That's asinine to even think Garry's Mod should be used like that.[/QUOTE] I build creative thing's :saddowns:
Blame Minecraft
DarkRP and TTT pretty much ruined Gmod for me.
People don't have enough time to post, they are playing GMOD.
I want a vanilla server.
[QUOTE=Civil;25934324]Gmods heartbeat is getting slower now, yes. Not for long though. When Garry mounts Portal 2 onto Gmod then it will be revived and stronger than ever. That goes for every other Valve game that Garry mounts Gmod on. Why Gmod has started to "get a slower heartbeat" is because nothing has really happened since Orange box engine mount. Also nobody on this planet knows about Gmod. That should be fixed.[/QUOTE] Pretty much this, when new Source games are added then there will be a revival.
Garry's Mod itself isn't dying. What IS dying is the classic GMod in the minds of you, me, and many other Facepunch-goers: building, with base HL2 props. I will never forget the first time I made a catapult out of a steel girder and a milk crate. Stuff like that is considered almost noobish and unsophisticated now. The latter I can agree with; it isn't fancy or anything, like PHX and/or Wiremod contraptions can be. But I still enjoy it. My friend and I built an airboat plane with base props and thrusters the other day. It was a lot of fun.
The main problem of gmod is HL2 I'm sick of source engine. Maybe someday gmod will grow up and come out from under skirts source engine.
The game is dying, but that's been the matter for months now, perhaps even a year or so. I'll tell you what it is, it's the third-party developers. We don't make anything for you guys anymore, and the face of the game was forever changed by Phoenix-Storms and Wiremod. You can't have the same game you had back before those two mods, because the community uses them so heavily.
I think the source engine fits pretty well for GMod, I wish they would make major upgrades to it though.
The source engine is shit, tell me something in it thats not outdated as fuck. Its the communities fault that developers quit mainly, we're out of ideas, requests section is just full of junk, everyone say a gamemode is a PERP edit if you mention the word RP in it. Its a chain reaction, GMod will end up dead unless this hole is fixed
No-one will ever beat me in lurking here. :D
Oh, Phoenix-Storms is now included by default, enjoy your old mod.
Yeah because other people making useful stuff for the mod REALLY killed it, oh and having mods really killed the source engine, oh wait, it didn't.
I remembered a few years back, all of my friends played GMOD constantly, and often together in our own private server. At the current day, these people are still gamers, but have forgotten about GMOD long ago, including myself.
Weird, because it's selling more copies now than it ever has.. Maybe it's moving regions? Sales are really high in Korea right now..
Koreans are allowed this game? I thought all their content was blocked?
Its just sad.... I checked before to see what rp was like and i noticed propably 90 percent of them were empty....5 percent of them had 1 or 2 people....4 percent had less than 5 people....and 1 percent were almost full....its just sad now...No one is creative anymore. I try to create something on there but all i usually do is just browse garrysmod.org for an hour and just download addons i dont use. I wish gmod was kinda like in the War of the Servers where everyone is having fun and building very creative contraptions. Now you cant even join a server without some 4$$ trying to crash it or people building useless contraptions. The only time i ever saw something in the last 4 months that was decent for wiremod was someone built a machine that pointed a lazer at any explosive barral on the server which was useful for admins. PS. I am sorry if anyone has a hard time understanding my writing. I have terrible grammar.
Needs less 10 year olds with their own servers, so people populate 1 server etc, not 1400 servers and 960 are empty.
[url]http://stats.garrysmod.com/SiNgLePlAyEr/[/url] about 35,000 people played GMod over the weekend. I wouldn't call that 'dying'.
Roleplaying is definitely dying.
I guess i was wrong, but their are still a lot of empty servers on Garry's Mod that no one plays on. I think it would be a good idea if servers that did not get decent amounts of people would be to combine their servers and combine the communities that are on each one to create better servers....It could work. Edit: I also wonder if they are different uses for Garry's Mod then what we have now. It would be kinda cool to use Garry's Mod in a physics class or programming class.
For Christ's sake guys, stop being so damn dramatic. The chance of Gmod dying at the moment is pretty damn low. Sure, Gmod might be DIFFERENT then how it used to be, but I find it pretty unlikely that the game will die.
Judging by the playerbase, it's not going anywhere. Trends shift though. I've noticed massive decreases in my build server since the addition of TTT. Also if seems to me that serious rp servers are flourishing, though I can't think why.
[QUOTE=FluD;25937029]The main problem of gmod is HL2 I'm sick of source engine. Maybe someday gmod will grow up and come out from under skirts source engine.[/QUOTE] Wahhh? Oh balls. Fuck, rate myself late.
Ok, say it ended right now? What would you do?
[QUOTE=notRzilla;25940474]Koreans are allowed this game? I thought all their content was blocked?[/QUOTE] Implying that North Korea is the only Korea.
[QUOTE=ItsGary;25946795]Ok, say it ended right now? What would you do?[/QUOTE] I'd just say. "Meh, I got Minecraft"
I have not noticed it dying, it's been the same since I've joined. I've been playing since 06 and played gmod 9. Man... Gmod 9, I miss it so much.
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