• Good VPS or Hosting for GMOD
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Is there any good VPS servers or gmod hosting located at Europe?
I'm not from Europe but I use GMCHosting.com and they have a location in Europe and they are the best host I have ever used.
Hello, You can use a dedicated server at OVH or mTxServ
Vultr is a good shout for VPS hosting. With regards to Europe locations you can choose from: Amsterdam - Netherlands Paris - France Frankfurt - Germany London - United Kingdom
+1 for vultr, use them for my professional portfolio website with nginx and host a tiny srcds in the side
Don't use vultr if you like to get DDoSed.
I use crident, but this is probably not KVM. I run on 125% deal 40/40 fallout server with 30 npc and 100 props. But in my opinion if you don't mind to manual install other server manager than shitty lgsm, buy KVM vps and configure iptables.
I use them for my own stuff but I wouldn't rec them for a gameserver, because most VPS don't prioritize what's needed for SRCDS (strong single-core performance.) Either do a dedicated server, or a game host like gmchosting or nfoservers.
I don't host in Europe but if I was, I'd probs use OVH only because I've had a good experience with them hosting in Canada.
I love crident, but I really don't love the people behind it. Uploading is slow, I uploaded 40mb file and it took me nearly 5 minutes for upload. I'd recommend you either OVH or GMCHosting. DONT even think about NFO, it's buggy and full with security issues.
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