• GMOD suddenly crashes as soon as it hits the main menu after pc reboot/crash
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Basically last night my pc either decided to restart itself or crash (not sure which) and I think gmod was running at the time. Now upon boot it either gets to the main menu and CTD's without any error messages or crashes as soon as addons get done updating. I've tried removing all my gamemodes so it's forced to boot with sandbox as well as verifying the integrity of the game cache but neither seem to do much. Let me know if you want the crash dump file. I don't know if it has anything sensitive information wise in it so I don't want to post it juuuust yet. Also please don't say the usual "reinstall the game nerd" unless you get a minute to look at the dump files once I get them up on here. After 12k hours I'm reasonably certain that like, 70%+ of issues can be fixed without reinstall.
You can send the relevant .mdmp files to robotboy655@facepunchstudios.com
Done. Stellar, it's doing the same thing after completely clean slate reinstalling on another hard drive. I'll send you the new dump.
There may be a high chance its something with your video card. Try updating or rolling back your drivers, make sure you are not overheating. Try disabling any overclocks you may have enabled. Try running the game with -noaddons -noworkshop
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109874/45c36ea5-4e45-4ea1-989c-f6fde4b250e2/image.png Well this is new. I decided to go looking in my driver settings only to find "oh hey by the way you've got two separate instances of "Radeon Settings" running. Will report back after killing one.
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