• GMod 13 crash after the Steam Community pop-up window closes on title screen
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So, yeah, GMod 13 keeps crashing when I boot it up after the little tab advertising the Steam Community closes. I've tried un-mounting, I've tried uninstalling and then reinstalling, yet to no avail (on an unrelated note, the same thing happens with the XCOM demo). It wasn't doing this before Steam went loopy and started verifying my game-files non-stop (also, any way of fixing THAT?). Any ideas?
Just bumping this. Really? 41 views and no-one has ANY idea?
I don't really get what you mean with "tab that advertises the steam community"
Alright, you know how when you start up a game, a little tab in one of the corners of the screen will come up saying "Press shift+tab to access the in-game overlay". That thing. Whenever it leaves the entire game freezes
Is "gameoverlay.exe" still running afterwards?
I am having the same problem. Gameoverlay.exe was still runnning after
Bump Same problem here. on my laptop
Such an epic bump. Could just disable the steam overlay? I would also suggest potentially reinstalling your browser. I'm not QUITE sure how it works, but I would assume it leeches off of Chrome or whatever your default browser is...
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