• Volksgrenadier and GI's
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I wanted to work on lighting some more so I did quick test poses for it. Thought they at least looked pretty decent enough and a good start! https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107113/79df2af2-2dcf-4f3f-acef-4ebf0c69dbb1/LightingpracticeGERM.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107113/f5d8d3b2-1873-4353-bc8f-a29f17f5f469/LightingpracticeUS.jpg
The saturation and contrast values are way too high on both. It's clear you wanted the color to pop but it's just a real eyesore. It makes areas that would naturally be soft and shady look like utter eyesores. Look at the sleeves on the second pic, they look like solid rock. It also makes the DOF/blur on the leaves look like low quality textures rather than distance blur.
Back to the drawing board!
If the lighting weren't so overbright and the contrast/saturation weren't so high it would be pretty damn good, but unfortunately the overblowing ruins it.
i'm not a big fan of ww scenebuilds but i like the second one in this open areas the best to do is use the sun light as a rimlight and use the enviroment light to iluminate the scene as you did in the second one. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/112192/06f18710-d913-412d-b64f-f2185b92e948/Construction-Worker-d.jpg i know that this pic is a bit wtf but i take my lightning out of the real life pics as you can see the sun used as a rimlight to give a hightlight in the models(tha man and his tool)
I'm still trying to make the most efficient use of said lamps as it's still pretty new territory. Like, the basic three/four lamp lighting technique is there, but it's probably not being used as effectively (or entirely correct!). That said, I understand what you're talking about so I need to fiddle some more. Practice does make perfect!
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