• Aiming at the horizon
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Don't think i nailed the lighting too well. C&C very welcome. http://i.cubeupload.com/HpX5Xl.jpg
i feel like ambient lighting from the bright sky is missing
Ah. How do you reckon i can achieve the ambient lighting? I wish i could use like 20 lamps but you have to disable the shadows on each lamp after the 8th.
the fog pops into the background very sharply and then stops getting stronger, you should try and make it more gradual
I feel like the light is too yellow for the sky. It makes it look less like sunlight and more like a flashbulb on a soundstage.
My main issue with this is that the lighting is inconsistent. The (brilliantly lit and posed) marines in the foreground have this kind of rim lighting indicating the sunlight is hitting from slightly above and in front of them. The Japanese, on the other hand, are lit frontally and rather flatly with none of that cool lighting we got for the marines. When you look at these two sections of the image together it makes it feel like the sun is in the middle between the two groups instead of being a consistent entity covering all of them the same. Dudes on the ridge would've looked waaayyyyy cooler if they were lit like the guys in the foreground. Also i'm not sure if it's me or a fault of the image but my eyes keep focusing on the Japanese way more, despite them being out of focus. Maybe it's the lighting or maybe the way the composition is. Also a slight nitpick - imo it would've been better if you switched up the Japanese bodygroups a bit, them all having the same helmet makes my big dumb brain think they're the same person. Other than that the front half of the lighting is spot-on and the composition overall is very well done, especially with the direction the Marines are aiming subtly leading the eye over to the action - very nice. If you can I'd definitely say go back into this and edit it.
Oh wow thanks for the criticism. Didn't expect to get any considering the lack of activity of this subforum, but i am pleasently surprised! I might redo the picture or expand the scenario.
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