• Dark Space Low (Twin Peaks)
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[img]https://www.dropbox.com/s/9f88j28sy3jt7rw/darkspacelowfinished.png?dl=0[/img] And here's something TP related I made on OldPunch [img]https://www.dropbox.com/s/oyu04zl0slj8ux4/waitingroomfinished.png?dl=0[/img]
Utterly gorgeous and almost perfectly shot-for-shot. My only issue is that the grain just seems a tad too strong on the Sycamore Trees 'Cooper' segment. Ruins what would've been a smooth, strongly-lit image. That MIKE shot is pretty much 1:1. Kind of amazed how accurate you got it.
Thanks, I'll try to control the grain next time, and I do have a project file saved so I could go back. As for Jimmy Scott, I couldn't find the right looking microphone model so I had to compromise with that pose. And his eyes are closed, it's just the lighting and the wrinkly texture on those eyelids, and I suppose I could have done something about that with gimp. I'll have to add those to a to-do list. Thanks again!
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