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Hello there, i am working on a website for almost one year, and it is almost ready to get launched for public. But before we will do that, i wanted to ask your opinion about the website. So, this website allowes you to create a online forum, download our addon and bring your website closer to the game. The website is free for everybody to use, you get a free subdomain and can add your own domain if you have one. The website offers the forums, a banlist, statistics, aWarn2 integration and much more. We do not host the servers for you, you need to do that yourself but by using our addon we will give you a lot of features! Here is a screenshot of the panel for admins, when you've downloaded our addon it will give you a live chat where you can interact with other players. It also gives you the status of the server, online players and it allowes you to warn or ban a user. It also allowes you to restart the server if you need to do that with the command !restart https://seralstudios.com/src/12jg894i87g447ujg43893014DJ83jf84D.png Then here we have the forums management, where you can edit the forum map: https://seralstudios.com/src/12jg894i87g448ujg43893028DJ83jf84D.png The website is really focussed on the addon so a lot of features depends on that. You dont need to use the addon but it will give you limited access. Ranks are assigned by ULX, so server staff will have the same rank on the forums. Players need to login with Steam. Bans will also get synced, whenever a user is banned from the server, it will ban them from the forums for the same time. They can apply on the ban page but wont have the access to do anything else. If you are not using aWarn2, dont worry! The addon will still work but without the warnings. As you can see, there are still some features that we are working on. IF you have any idea, anything you mis on other websites that offer the same thing, tell us and we will look into that. For questions, sponsors or anything else, you can send me a message on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/harrison2k/ Thank you for reading this. Again, the website is NOT online yet so dont ask me what the url is.
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