• Cloaked assassin
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https://orig00.deviantart.net/83f8/f/2018/106/4/3/cloaked_assassin_by_t3ss3r-dc91cix.jpg a cut enemy from hl2 with a rebel and an a conscript soldier garry's mod and photoshop
somehow, nothing looks like it fits. the two foreground dudes look like they've been copypasted in from different images altogether, and same for the assassin. i can't tell what the atmosphere is supposed to be like (is that snow flying about?), i can't tell where they are (outside, indoors, location type?), consequently i can't tell where that light - which suffers from a severe lack of definition - is coming from, like, the entire thing is a mess to my eyes. when it comes to the effects, the assassin's eye light beams have strange dark outlines. i think the gas mask guy is only pretending to aim, with the rifle so far off to the side of his head and all (or is it? because from this angle it certainly looks like he's not even trying to look down the sights). would probably look better if the rifle was placed lower, in a hip firing position. on the plus side, the subsurface scattering effect on the rebel's face is really nifty.
i know that is a big flaw, also here is the map https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/112192/a6a58d63-da99-49de-a400-b4aaf60366a2/Sem título.png
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