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Yesterday,at 2:00 A.M I did a new picture,this one weirdly look's really good compared to what i usually do https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/133871/00739933-214f-41d1-93d6-23aceeb625d8/20180418024201_1.jpg
Do you normally do pitch black images? I can barely see something here
are your monitor contrast settings okay
Was your lighting inspired by the time of night at which you made it? I cain't see shiet
Yeah,has i said it was 2:00 AM And doing the lighting part is hard for me,since the render it give's is different i didn't know it was THAT dark
you need a lamp somewhere "behind" him - either on the left or on the right - because his silhouette MUST be visible.
Well,i'll try that thanks.
Legit. Some of my best pics have been made at 6am right before work after I've been up all night. If you're tired and don't have time to finish the picture, take a fuckin' nap. Nobody's on-edge waiting for it.
try using shadows for dark scenes and light
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