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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Es3GQMOLHkk https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/183687/2860fdc1-b155-4b39-b463-46642185dce3/a_Blume_seiren.jpg A group of botanical scientists had found rather large flowers of different shapes, sizes and colours had seemingly grown overnight in forests, over a few days, hundreds of people were found dead in the forests. The flowers slowly grew, in under a week they had grown into major cities and towns, the flowers seemingly grew through the cracks and crevices in the roads and footpaths, by this point hundreds of thousands of people were dying in the middle of the street within minutes. The group of scientists had found that the flowers were spitting out a deadly toxin, no living thing could survive it. 5 years passed, any city or town overgrown with ivy, grass, and those flowers. At least 20 million people remain. It is the deadliest natural disaster in history. We call it the Blume.
That shotgun is huge and he's not holding it
I keep seeing you make the same error. When it comes to scenebuilding you're more than capable at producing a great environment, but your lighting is rather consistently doing your efforts injustice. Tone down some brightness levels, keep yourself restrained to smaller amounts of light sources, try to get some shadows and darker areas in there. In a lot of your pics the lighting is overblown to hell and it looks like you're fighting the darkness by swarming the scene with light - there are no highlights and no lowlights and it becomes hard to take in. I think back on that mars picture and Rocky Hills scene that you did, they had great atmosphere and defined lighting. The elements and depth of the pictures were clear and discernible. I'm not saying continue doing those darker styles of scenes but definitely use them as examples of what looks better. You've got the potential, you just need to fully realize it
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/183687/ff68fb08-9eee-4740-b9c8-eca808176eb1/shotgun.PNG How isn't he holding it? If you're talking about his right hand not being on the handle, that's because he is holding it by the stock, as you can see he still has his index finger ready on the trigger (Or at least by it). How is the shotgun huge? That looks like a standard sized shotgun to me. In case you didn't know, that's an M3 Super 90, Super 90's are quite hefty weapons. I looked at its size between both the Soldier model seen in the pic, a normal HL2 citizen and a real life carrier of the weapon: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/183687/b7e80951-16fd-4408-99a4-f09f35c31803/gm_black0352.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/183687/a889f01f-ce2a-4383-970b-823285f87b10/maxresdefault.jpg As I'm sure you can see, they both take up a lot of space in front of the carrier, and are quite big for the carrier, as I said, Super 90's are hefty weapons. Unfortunately due to bone structure being extremely limited in GMod, I had to move the weapon back a tiny bit in the first pic so the left hand could reach the pump, but I'm sure you can still see whats happening between the two pics The M1911 isn't massive in the slightest: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/183687/29092535-e26a-4adc-b81c-585c00225f45/gm_black0351.jpg https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/183687/55b71f28-ad92-4949-ba92-c898a7875ca4/22LR_7.jpg Take a look at how much of the handle is covered by the carrier's hands in the two pics.
somehow in your main scene the model looks way larger than it actually is. your character isn't holding the shotgun properly. it has a pistol grip, yet the character is holding it like a rifle that wouldn't have one. the way the hand holds onto the part is like some weird compromise between gripping the pistol grip and the root of the stock. it looks like this: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1884/c5d1ef7b-4b55-42de-8298-d8e6529485ee/image.png when you could have gone for either of these two: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1884/515a5281-317d-4f30-8fba-77c3809d66e7/image.png
Your scenes are gorgeously ridiculous. (In the good way). Other than Ubafest's point about lighting, there is still one small thing I think you can improve on, and that's your scale falloff - what I mean by that is it LOOKS like (correct me if I'm wrong) that you're upscaling your models as you're getting further and further from the camera (probably to just cover more area without using a lot entities). While this makes sense, there's the downside of not fully portraying the correct scale of the scene - if flowers up close are big, and flowers further down are also big, then you lose that sense of vastness. If on the other hand flowers up close are big, and flowers further down are small, you increase the sense of vastness. Obviously its silly to expect you cover so much ground with non-scaled models, though. This problem hasn't got a proper solution as long as prop count is limited like it is in GMod. But you should make the effort to come up with creative ideas of working around this problem. Some people just lazily (and very conveniently) place a wall or some large object in the way to block of the horizon. DON'T do that, because you're not doing it now, and its why your scenes are standing out. So there's always the way of photoshop: try and cut piece of your ground, and downscale them, and paste them in the background. Or try and use models, in-game, that are SIMILAR to your closer models but still DIFFERENT, that can be used to create the illusion that it's the same prop.
that 1911 is too big, look at the finger sizes Second As Joazz said, he's not holding it right Third I have no idea how but the shotgun looks far bigger at that angle
I actually almost did cover the horizon with huge rock props to at least create a valley, however I thought it looked horrible and like an excuse not to have to use more and more entities. Yes, I was upscaling the models used, and yes it was to create the illusion of a bigger area without creating an overload or hitting the prop limit, I wish I thought of downscaling them, however, I assume I would trap myself further into a corner, having to cover the huge distance between the camera and the distant hills UNLESS I got creative.
The finger sizes are slightly smaller than they should be due to the actual model used, they're fingers are thin, while the real life image shows the carriers fingers much thicker than the models used in my scene. Second I wish I could fix that but Gmod effects are very save-unfriendly. Third Doesn't look far bigger at that angle to me, like I said, standard factory size for a Super 90
The model being the right size doesn't mean it doesn't look huge in your picture Look how massive the grip looks in comparision to the guys hand
I wasn't talking about the model's actual size, I was saying the shotgun and pistol both look normal in the original pic! I'm assuming you're talking about the M1911 here, to me the grip isn't that large in comparison to the characters hand, maybe the citizen, but not Smoke (the soldier model used, from R6S) https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/183687/86a1e6ce-edff-439b-a57f-2dcf218f9dad/gm_black0359.jpg The weapon seen here is the same weapon used in the screenshot, as I got that 1911 from the CW2.0 Extra weapons pack, the model isn't big at all. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/183687/d1cdf957-be8f-4c0e-960c-84bf3fe028e4/gm_black0358.jpg
yeah and it looks big in the OG pic
Yeah, it looks big in the original pic, but the model itself is not big
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