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I've been having too much fun with portrait lighting. http://wduwant.com/index_uploads/uploads/c363421a522d.jpg aand of course the timelapse, haven't done one in too long methinks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPigVHd_E6w&
the stormtrooper is wielding a DC-15S instead of an E-11, but that's already cleared up by yourself aside from that? the lighting is gorgeous, the background looks wonderful and the pose looks very natural have a coin for this but here's a general thing to keep in mind if clone troopers = DC-15 if storm troopers = E-11 if weird first order storm troopers = F-11D as far as i know some star wars clone and stormtrooper packs have all of the necessary weapons
sicking lighting
http://wduwant.com/index_uploads/uploads/f32ba176a8c0.jpg Taking a page out of Tesser's book and trying some chromatic aberration along with some other smaller things. I'd appreciate feedback on how it looks
its very subtle on the stormtrooper but you can see it well on the floor he is standing on, but that might be just to my liking as I prefer more visible chromatic aberation
That's the perfect dosage of chromatic abberation in my book, it enhances the colours without giving a distorted look to the picture when used like that.
dang, it actually looks better than my CA the blue in white spots and red in orange ones
It's actually something I found that's almost too easy go lens correction https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58576/5e1ccb72-f108-4636-825f-70023e470716/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58576/8b87e4fe-efa1-43e6-82b2-8e3f883775d6/image.png then (ironically) use Chromatic Aberration fixer and crank the red/cyan to 100 and the blue/yellow to -100
Absolutely amazing work as always! Where would one get that lightbounce tool, it really makes the scene more believable?
All the goods are here  Dropbox
I love the effort put into this. Very nice pose. Only complaint I have is maybe make the sky less monotone gray and maybe mix it up a bit, maybe some purple or red or orange or blue. Just more random blurred details in the sky.
I actually had about 5 or 6 different skydome layers and tried to combine them to get a more interesting sky but the more colour it had the less natural the lighting felt. I was so into the workflow (and under pressure to have the video coherent) that I didn't want to devote a whole lot of time into experimenting with interesting approaches to the sky. I've hit a sudden bout of creativity today though so I'll definitely put time into exploring this
It's well executed but I think it adds nothing to the image. The purity of the original is superior. I also agree that the sky should have been more interesting, especially with how strong the colors in play here are. It would have been a nice way to inject contrast.
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