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https://orig00.deviantart.net/033c/f/2018/264/3/2/server_dust___canal_by_vioxtar-dcneeq4.jpg My first (light) rain + mud picture, decided to go for sharper contrast this time, would appreciate all forms of feedback
Awesome atmosphere, like Canal level from HL2
Interesting use of my stone wall props.
this scene is perfect, but you want a feedback so here it goes. you should add a very dim godray coming from the left side, yes i know theres no fog but the light is very bright so it at least can bright up tiny particles in the air creating this very low godray with also the water droplets creating some kind of specular reflections making tiny bright spots.
Thanks, those canal levels were definitely an inspiration Oh yeah, I was looking to spice the walls up with some grunge and came across them, they were a perfect fit when clipped through the walls That's a good point! I'll admit I conveniently left those out :V
Alright for the first time ever I have some actual critique for a viox picture Although the technical detail is phenomenal I really feel as if the walls are visually noisy to the point where its distracting. I keep checking out the walls more than anything else and as much as I do appreciate the effort that went into making them look so goddamn good they do ultimately take away from the overall picture with all of their defined limps and bumps. The creature (if that's what you want to call it) is really well designed and interesting to think about, but I feel its colours are too similar to its backdrop and its details easily bleed in to the background, particularly in these areas. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58576/e9d78a11-29cb-4b21-8ef6-dc47b7370c33/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58576/0d40c8f3-4666-48b8-bf59-ff754dd8d64f/image.png The drains and support beams behind it are also rather distracting elements that obstruct the creature's already questionable silhouette. From what's already there an easy remedy would to make that light source catch more of it, akin to how the upper part is done. Muting the backdrop some more could also help, but how you would go about that is something I'm not sure about. I probably would've used fog and dof but it doesn't seem like that'd fit the picture too well with what you're going for. All this needs is a more defined silhouette for the guy in the middle there and less distracting walls. Other than those issues as always the attention to detail is outstanding and the creativity is seriously beyond me. I'm loving the way the water is done, especially in the area that's lit with all the little flecks of shine. The heavy, gritty atmosphere is well executed and despite my issues with the picture it's still real nice to take in (that dude crawling around in the mud is a really good and really dark touch)
This is perfect, thank you. After so much tinkering I usually tend to lose track of the more basic stuff, and I really agree with everything you had to say. Increasing the fog opacity might do the trick
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