• Afraid of Heavy
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[IMG]http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/3536/afraidofheavy.png[/IMG] Original poster [IMG]http://media.moddb.com/images/downloads/1/2/1069/profile.jpg[/IMG] Kinda fucked it up.
Your avatar says otherwise
Oh fuck you man! the nightmares I have about this game JUST ended, and now you sent me into a relapse!
tehMuffinMan is my alt.
[QUOTE=Bubz;23018332]tehMuffinMan is my alt.[/QUOTE] Shhhh
Oh gawd! I new it would be this when I clicked on the link. I would really love to see a parody of gameplay with TF2 characters.
Well Muffin stop playing with David Leatherhoff.
[QUOTE=PeanutTHENINJA;23020491]Editing?[/QUOTE] I made it dark and added shadows.
[QUOTE=tehMuffinMan;23021564]I made it dark and added shadows.[/QUOTE] Oh.
Funny how I just played afraid of monsters. ;D
I never finished Afraid of Monsters. This is actually quite creepy. How'd you get Heavy's face like that?
After seeing the heavy I must say: thank god I wasn't planning on sleeping anyway.
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