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[QUOTE=gtanoofa;43111679]scream on top of your lungs when you are "scared", repeat bad jokes non stop, make rape jokes, blame the feminazis when no one likes you, put boobs on the video thumbnails to fool 12 year olds into clicking your video, be an indie game die hard fan who dishes AAA games and the people who play them, put a face cam in your vids, grow a neckbeard and gain weight, don't forget about your copyrighted material!!! Put "the euphoric intelligent atheist indie gamer" as your signature so no one can steal your content. I dunno if that's all you need to know. Oh and don't forget to tip your fedora in your super amazing 30 second long intro. [sp]I don't really know how to help you there buddy :V sorry.[/sp][/QUOTE] Well you we're helpful in one way, I'll just reverse engineer what you just said do everything opposite of what you just suggested :V
And wear a fucking hat preferably with a brim. And with it a t-shirt.
[img]https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ba-reO0IYAAPyaB.jpg:large[/img] what the fuck santa
[QUOTE=Radley;43111570]I'm thinking of making a let's play and I need you guys to make your personal dos and dont's list from a viewer perspective.[/QUOTE] Bit late to this, I know, but it depends on what you do. If you live stream it, just make sure you keep talking. If you do it off of Twitch.tv and during a day off of work for me, I could help with viewers a little. But if you pre-record a video to put up on YT or some shit, get yourself a pal to play along or just have someone to talk to in general. Obviously you want to say shit, few want to sit and watch just gameplay. What's your goal of the video? Are you trying to inform, or are you just playing it for shits and giggles? If the former, then you can do that pre-recording just analyzing the game. If the latter you definitely want to have someone to talk to.
Just lost a 31 hour long campaign in AC4 because Ubisoft thought it would be a fucking brilliant idea to make the space bar the button to delete your selected campaign. [editline]8th December 2013[/editline] Guess I'm never playing AC4 again.
That sucks man, had a similar thing while playing Mass Effect once. Didn't play it untill 1 year after :v:
Coughed up blood today, scared the fuck out of me, turns out I actually just had a blood nose :v:.
Nothing brightens the day up like Krotchy [thumb]http://uppix.net/lul8NE.png[/thumb]
Who the fuck is Krotchy? (Sorry, confused european here.)
[QUOTE=Viper123_SWE;43125211]Who the fuck is Krotchy? (Sorry, confused european here.)[/QUOTE] Character from the games Postal 2 and 3
Krotchy is a cool name for a dog, tbh. Edit: Also, should I buy gold member? I have some cash left, I guess I could buy it since it's available
Anyone else besides me who can't log on to STEAM?
Nah, I'm on Steam non-issue.
[QUOTE=LunaBadger;43135268]Nah, I'm on Steam non-issue.[/QUOTE] with no community and no store because both are down, for basically everyone ever [editline]10th December 2013[/editline] and now the store is back up apparently, but it looks like steam still isn't
Nah, I can access both. I even have 21 friends online.
woah what is up with FP's colors atm [img]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50169265/what.jpg[/img] [editline]12/12/13[/editline] What now it's super saturated [t]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50169265/what2.jpg[/t] [editline]12/12/13[/editline] Now it's super blurry wtf. [t]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50169265/what3.jpg[/t] [editline]12/12/13[/editline] Yellow background? [t]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50169265/what4.jpg[/t]
new features being added atm
what's the point of making everything blurry [editline]11th December 2013[/editline] it's like if someone turned on SDoF on facepunch
it's the end [editline]11th December 2013[/editline] take shelter
i think garry is trying to add snow and just fucking around with the coloration while he does it
[QUOTE=Cone;43147515]i think garry is trying to add snow and just fucking around with the coloration while he does it[/QUOTE] More like fucking with us since he has inserted snow multiple times before and knows what he is doing.
no i mean like "oh well while i'm modifying shit i might as well add in some wacky filters"
I know what you meant dude :v: just thinking you worded it wrong(from my prespective of what's going on). I guess.
wtf? my betta fish has completely vanished from my community aquarium??
that awesome fish you showed on steam?
[QUOTE=pvt.jenkins;43146733] [t]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50169265/what3.jpg[/t][/QUOTE] They should do this to people instead of banning them for pui
Bought Fallout 2 from steam really cheap because I didn't want to try and find my original retail disc. Installed Fallout 2. Installed unofficial patch. Spent hours playing through all the tedious bits like everything that has to do with Klamath. Noticed that for some reason I had thought the Restoration project was the unofficial patch. Re-installed Fallout 2. Installed the restoration project and started a new game. :suicide:
[QUOTE=LunaBadger;43152865]They should do this to people instead of banning them for pui[/QUOTE] That would be pure evil. The constant worries about being sober or not.
replace alcohol with tea [editline]13th December 2013[/editline] tea is awesome
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