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[IMG]http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/437195754039224981/A238FFC948F1CCC5809833A914BD67003B00580F/[/IMG] Didn't I just upload a comic earlier today? Yes I did. Excuse me the rapid uploads, but I'm still trying to find my place and approach with these two characters. The only way I'll learn, is by experimenting and seeing what sticks.
I'm jealous of that Bird-bot's head. I wish I had a helmet like that.
If its to make this much comics, could i recommend you to make only one thread for all of them? Also, public release when?
Sorry, but I'm not gonna make my PAC3 outfits public because of the "Drunk Combine Effect" (or "Ghastly Gibus Effect" if you prefer). In PAC3 circles people really hate public stuff. You should see the amount of scorn that Kombatwaffle's PAC stuff creates, just because every single talentless minge wears them and claims them as their own. I don't want my stuff to become the "minge indicator".
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