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Rule number one of GTA Online. Never leave passive mode unless you're around people you can trust.
Actual Rule number 1 in GTAO; Don't play in public sessions
I play public and don't use passive mode. I just live like the most paranoid drug lord ever, ready to just start firing at a moments notice. I actually enjoy playing in high population instances because you can have some fun stuff happen.
Anytime someone invites me to their apartment or yacht, I turn on passive mode before I accept the invite because about 90% of the time, they lure everyone into their house, then kick them all out and slaughter them while their guard is down.
Public lobbies can be fun when you don't really give a shit about losing anything. When I want to actually get things done in peace, I'll load myself into a solo public lobby.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109874/8f728ecc-8ef2-419f-b1c3-6f25815a0649/20180720092038_1.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/291150325362982914.png?v=1
Nah it’s the same.
Thankfully, I'm so far in GTAO that I have nearly every counter to the standard greifer weapons of choice. GTA5: THE HARD COUNTERS (Format is weapon/vehicle - counter. Best counters go first) Hydra - Explosive Sniper, Stromberg, Deluxo, Oppressor, Another aircraft, AA trailer, Homing launcher, Chernobog Oppressor - Stromberg, Vigilantee, Deluxo Deluxo - Homing launcher, Explosive sniper, AA trailer, sneezing. Akula* - Hydra, Stromberg, AA trailer, Homing launcher, Explosive sniper (really, the thing can survive a full ES clip I think) Footmobile - Khanjali, Ballistic armor drop Avenger - Another aircraft, preferably something fast Vigilantee - Khanjali Khanjali - Anything that flies *I don't actually see Akulas being used for greify purposes, which legit surprises me. They'd be great for ruining someones cargo/drug/gun run because any decent player will be checking the enlarged map constantly to make sure there are no incoming oppressors/hydras. Being able to go off the radar at the cost of locking up your weapons really is a wonderful perk
Are you sure? It looks different than the original model we had
It's abit hard to see but I don't see any difference.
Isn't it kind of...odd that they'll be giving out 2 million-dollar weaponized vehicles for free later on? I know they've done that with the hermes but that wasn't weaponized
GTAO is kinda dying isn't it? Only makes sense to try and grab people back in.
I'm not sure how well it's been doing the past few months, but it's held up surprisingly well since 2013, with sales of GTA V and microtransaction revenue not really dropping like they normally do.
I mean, according to Playstation, it was the most downloaded game last month, so I don't think it's dying that much.
Yeah, GTA V has been managing to top sales charts ever since it came out, which is really impressive; no surprise that that trend is still powering on. RDR2 might change that, but who knows, it's not projected to have quite the same popularity as GTA V.
Attack planes are also great against Akulas, if you dive onto them from above there isn't much they can do.
Not really, it's definitely more generous than the usual free shit they give out, but it's still not that much. They could even make it so you can't actually sell the vehicles too. I should warn that the event you're referencing can be changed or removed before we get to the point when it's supposed to happen though.
The Nightshark? I mean a little. This is speculation, but there's a vehicle that vaugly resembles the Nightshark with a turret in the trailer. So it could be that you're able to upgrade it for a mil, and I mean if you were to get a nightshark for free...
So After Hours has been released. I've only played a little bit but the business consolidation aspect seems quite promising.
is that based on an a-10 warthog? jesus free roam is going to be hell, more so than it already was
When I started up the game, it said new weapons are available at ammunation, but I don't see any. Am I missing something here?
Don't worry, it's not the A-10 you need to worry about. This is probably going to be the go-to choice for almost every shitter on GTAO: https://twitter.com/FoxySnaps/status/1021646579537793024 Not sure why Rockstar decided that we needed another fucking jet bike that apparently has the ability to fire explosive rounds.
Ok, this is definitely Saints Row now
A fucking A-10? Ohh hell yeah. Best fucking update.
Yeah it's just the Specter from Saints Row, what.
Because holy fuck an A-10. I'm not in this to just blow up other players as efficiently as possible, I just want a sandbox full of kick-ass toys.
Man, I really like the new clubs. The music is nice.
I am pretty disappointed about the new cars. I thought a nightclub update would bring some more SUVs and Supers but this is really not what I wanted.
I bought a bottle of Macbeth whiskey and got wankered 10 seconds later, woke up on top of a construction site just like uni nice one lads Also yeah don't seem to be that much interesting content aside from the nightclubs obviously, don't seem to be any new weapons and the clothing choices just seem to be reskins
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