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I wouldn't be surprised if a large chunk of revenue is players having to buy new CD Keys because R*'s anti-cheat banned them over and over for whatever reason (literal modder or innocent player like the recent wave).
What cars are dropping tomorrow?
I hope the Lada is one of them
The next set of vehicles will most likely be the Issi Classic, Flash GT, and Sea Sparrow. I don't think we're going to get vehicles tomorrow though. I think the schedule will be this: April 10th - Extended bonuses on Target Assault and random bullshit April 17th - Issi Classic, Flash GT, Sea Sparrow, and Vespucci Job adversary mode April 24th - Extended bonuses on Vespucci Job May 1st - Only new special vehicle races May 8th - Extended bonuses on special vehicle races May 15th - Tyrant, Dominator GTX, and Trap Door adversary mode May 22nd - Extended bonuses on Trap Door May 29th - Cheburek, Jester Classic, Michelli GT, and new transform races June 5th - Extended bonuses on transform races June 12th - Start thinking about the next DLC Of course, I could be completely wrong on this, but I do think it matches up well with the dates Rockstar provided for the special vehicle/transform races. It also gives them a decent amount of time to work on and test the next update.
It's Probably the Weeny Issi Classic, or the Vapid Flash GT. Just going on leaked store images but it could change.
Unless Rockstar changes things for whatever reason, vehicles are going to be dropped in groups rather than one at a time.
It's really wild how Rockstar used to be a rag tag group of guys making edgy games. They've gotten so huge.
Last week was only the Caracara.
I should have clarified that the Caracara was excluded from that, sorry. These are from global.gxt2: 0xF9E2EAD1 = The following vehicles are now available:~n~- Pegassi Tezeract (legendarymotorsport.net)~n~- Vapid Ellie (southernsanandreassuperautos.com) 0x5DCD523A = The following vehicles are now available:~n~- Weeny Issi Classic (southernsanandreassuperautos.com)~n~- Vapid Flash GT (legendarymotorsport.net)~n~- Sea Sparrow Chopper (elitastravel.com) 0x2812899C = The following vehicles are now available:~n~- Overflod Tyrant (legendarymotorsport.net)~n~- Vapid Dominator GTX (southernsanandreassuperautos.com) 0xAA8E0754 = The following vehicles are now available:~n~- Rune Cheburek (southernsanandreassuperautos.com)~n~- Dinka Jester Classic (legendarymotorsport.net)~n~- Lampadati Michelli GT (southernsanandreassuperautos.com)
Oh boy, classic bait and switch. Really amazes me how R* always find a way to make things even worse.
On the GTA wiki the price for the Rune Cheburek is $145,000 which is fucking ridiculous. It's a Lada ripoff, it should be cheap, garbage and fun. That's what's disappointed me so much about the game in the last year or so. The price of everything is so obscenely bloated for shit that should be cheap. I don't understand why people are happy to just blow money on Shark Cards (I used to rip the piss out of one guy I used to play with because he bought one), it's completely ruined the game over the course of its lifespan. I feel sorry for new players getting into the game now because it's so ridiculous. Even after playing since release, the most money I've ever had is about $2,000,000, which affords me very little.
I don't understand how a game like GTA can have such a bullshit and boring multiplayer It genuinely amazes me Getting spawnkilled over and over and over and over by 3 people in vehicles that can't be blown up and have such a small slit for windows that you can't shoot them is just the most retarded thing ever 'Just go passive mode!' And then get locked out of content/missions? GTA online is the only game where I feel like I am forced to unplug my internet to be able to experience the majority of the game and it's just stupid
GTAO sucks donkey balls because the way they implemented it leaves it easily exploitable with cheats, and rockstar doesn't really give a fuck. Their solution is to add more timegated content, lower paying missions, or stupid adversarial modes nobody gives a fuck about. But hey, do you wanna buy a shark card?
To be honest, the state of Online on the PC is literally just: Login to Online. Make a character. Join a public lobby. Find yourself in a lobby with a modder dropping cash on everyone. Go buy some clothes (with the cash still falling on your head). Find out you've now got $50 million and go crazy buying everything. Get bored because you've now bought everything. At this point, I'd say the only ones really buying shark cards are on Consoles. There's far too many (free) ways on the PC to be rolling in cash, even if you wanted it or not.
First gamemode that Im actually looking forward to. https://twitter.com/TezFunz2/status/983735205742743552
Yes boy, a homage to the Italian Job.
Ever since GTA IV, I feel like Rockstar really changed as a company. In the PS2 era, they were like the cool uncle that your parents hated because he let yout blow shit up with fireworks. After IV, you kind of got this "premium" vibe off of them. They started the "social club" which when you think about it, sounds kind of fancy. Their presentation became more high quality and sleek. It's like they're trying to appeal to millionaires or something.
It's to nudge casuals into spending more money because if they don't, they don't belong in the premium club
Can't wait for that "italian job* homage, this weeks update sucked ass....
Nah dude, with massive reductions on bunker stuff I was able to buy the Farmhouse bunker and the two upgrades for 1.5 mil. If I do four solo sales it'll have paid for itself.
double money and RP on gunrunning sales, making a ridiculous amount of money just got $525k for a single person sell mission can't wait for Rockstar to think I'm hacking and wipe my account
I think my gun running bunker may of hit the max amount of product, I haven't checked on that thing ever since it came out and the hype died down.
Issi Classic($360,000), Flash GT($1,675,000), and Sea Sparrow($1,815,000) are available now. Vespucci Job is out now with double cash/RP. Sales on Hustler, 190z, Phantom Wedge, and Hermes.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1751/c4a0a4ee-9b0b-4c0e-81b2-65ca62bd7a31/image.png Hmmmm.
New gamemode is super fun, even tho sometimes the other cops are not the smartest. You can make good money by just winning 2 out of the 4 rounds, if you win all 4 you make ~$80k
The Sea Sparrow is absurdly agile, the thing moves with one hell of a purpose. It also can equip homing missiles.
Vespucci Job is actually a good game mode for once. Had a guy get super mad because he let himself get boxed in several times when he was the runner. I've never been told "Kill yourself" so many times in such a short time span by one person.
Well this is nice https://twitter.com/TezFunz2/status/986599987177033729?s=19
Does FiveM have any good co-op gamemodes or anything? I'm just done with GTA:O I play gamemodes like TDM, Capture etc? I get put against someone with godmode on I try to play freeplay? I'm forced to either host a solo lobby (by pulling my ethernet cable) or just get raped over and over by a group of russians with tanks + jets
My first impressions of the Vespucci Job are pretty positive. Simplicity is its strength, so that new players will understand what needs to be done. I mostly like the contrast in vehicles, with the police Cruiser not being too sluggish or terrible to control, you have the edge in top speed and can command a collision without being thrown out of the way. The Issi Classic is nimble enough, but not effortless to drive, and can't just immediately speed away after being rammed. Braking is a relevant skill for once, and both careful approaches and brute force have their merits. It's kinda dumb the stock car the runner gets doesn't have performance and armour upgrades, the mode seems a lot more balanced around the upgraded car. You'll be paying at least $500,000 for the car plus upgrades, which is far too steep considering it was pretty much tailored to this mode, and is nothing but a novelty outside of it. You can probably make that back instantly if you play a lot, but there will be a lot of people missing out on the fun because they don't want to buy one.
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