• Droid Bionic shutting off randomly
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I just recently got a droid bionic and it's been working for about a week then it just started to shut off, and it happens quite often i have in-pocket detection off, gps location off. and i don't have many apps, I googled it and have tried what people said and nothing worked.
Sounds like a defective phone. Are you running a custom ROM?
what does that mean?
Haha, take that as a no. It's probably defective then
My phone is just restarting now but it is still to often
This probably sounds really dumb, but my ZTE Blade used to do the same thing. Want to know what it was? Shitty design, the battery was too loose in its compartment and every time it got jostled around, the pins disconnected inside, I popped a small bit of folded paper under the battery to take up the empty space which sorted it. It may be worth giving a go.
Try using a factory data reset too under privacy. I have a UK Galaxy S2 which after about a month or two of first getting it it started to restart itself. I tried a Factory Data Reset and hasn't restarted since :)
turns out it was just my extended battery
my droid x did this for a year and a half, and had a wonderful habit of freezing at the "shutting down" screen or crashing while shutting down (and therefor rebooting itself).
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