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[QUOTE=woolio1;34487623]So it'll kill off all the crappy free web-based MMOs? I'm strangely okay with this.[/QUOTE] Considering games are better suited for standalone apps then flash, I agree.
Will we see Windows Media Player 13 in Windows 8?
[QUOTE=Brock Obama;34479061]I can understand that aspect of it, but even if they didn't support RC to RTM, beta to RC would be nice. They don't have to offer customer support on those for shit, since it's not retail/final. I don't expect it, I always turn to the community sites for help, and Google failing that. But you're right, upgrading from any pre-release version to retail/RTM would be a nightmare in customer support.[/QUOTE] I guess you're right about Beta -> RC, but even then it's a waste of developer time (as a developer.. I may be biased). Would be cool though.
Or you could use the built in data/settings backup utility.
I assume this thread will now lock?
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