• No HDMI signal, motherboard at fault?
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Recently I bought a new desktop and was using only the integrated GPU (i5-4670k) through HDMI on my LG 24EA53 screen. Everything was working fine. Later on I bought a R9 270X and for some reason I cannot get any image on the screen when it's connected through HDMI - the screen just says "no signal, entering power saving mode". DVI works fine (but I have use to a DVI->VGA since I don't have a DVI cable, on VGA). I also tried connecting the HDMI to the integrated GPU and it still works fine. I also tried the 270X on another computer and it seemed to work just fine - connected through HDMI. I am thinking the motherboard may be at fault, as if it's not routing the HDMI signal to the GPU. Is that even possible? I have an ASRock Z87M Pro4. Thanks.
Can't you disable the on board GPU on the motherboard through the BIOS?
There's usually an option in BIOS/UEFI setup that tells the machine which GPU to use; Integrated or PEG/PCI. If it's set to auto, it may be causing issues.
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