• F@H?
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hey guys, anybody here fold? is there a facepunch team? I've got 2 GTX 275s that pump out about 8K PPD each (16K PPD (doh)) [img]http://fah-web.stanford.edu/awards/cert.php?u=FSF-Foxhound&pts=18984[/img] I fold for overclock.net.. how about you? OCN's hit 1 billion about a few days ago, pretty awesome milestone.. There is a guy on OCN who has 4 9800GX2s... pretty crazy..
Do you get anything in return? I mean even things that aren't worth anything, just good to have. Other than a certificate.
its a just do it thing man, just do it. Supposed to help people understand cancer better -- not cure it.
Probably america is using it to make super soldiers. I personally fold for sweclockers, mostly the ps3 that do the work since it's worthless right now.
heh, PS3 only pumps a max of 1K PPD.. not really worth it.
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