• Computer Freeze Immediately After Startup
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Hey there, For the last few days I've been having some issues on and off with my PC. The first issue back on Tuesday was all the input/output devices (monitor, keyboard, mouse) not working with the computer tower - despite it being on, the monitor would not display anything and the mouse and keyboard would not make it respond either. I managed to resolve this yesterday, I got monitor access back by plugging it into my tv and the mouse and keyboard just began working again shortly after. I figured the problem might also have something to do with it needing to be cleaned so I went ahead and did that. I went to set it up back in its usual spot immediately after that and of course I ended up with another problem. Although the input/output devices work the computer now seems to be unable to do virtually anything, freezing up within 10 seconds of turning it on and remaining that way until I turn it off. I've tried booting up Windows in different ways including normally, in Safe Mode, and under System Repair mode with the same result every time. Diagnostics, one of the few functions I've been able to start and complete because it's a fast process, indicates there's no problems with the hardware. This suggests that if nothing else all my data's still intact. The model I'm working with is a 2010 HP Pavilion p6624y. All parts on it are stock with the exception of a more powerful 8GB MSi video card added in two years ago and some 3+ hard drive replacements from a mix of failures, virus infections, and space upgrades. Any idea what the underlying issue may be and what I can do for it? Thanks in advance.
I'd be curious to see if the freezing happens when idle in the BIOS. I'd also suggest trying an alternate OS, just to rule out a bad Windows install (boot from a usb drive or live iso). Your PC's powersupply is only 250 watts according to HP's specs page. That makes me wonder if your video card is too much for it or if it is failing.
When the computer shits the bed, do you get any blink codes from the keyboard's LEDs? I have an old HP Vectra that gave an error for overheating and underwattage but I'm not positive your model does the same. If Rand0m's research is correct and you only have 250 watts driving that GPU then that will almost certainly cause problems.
Sorry for the delayed response, Newpunch threw me off for a while. I opted to go ahead and replace the desktop at this rate - that thing was ancient at this point. To clarify some stuff further up when I added the MSI graphics card I also got a 450W replacement PSU with it, and the freezing still occurred in the BIOS both with the HDDs disconnected and when attempting to run a disc-based OS called "SystemRescueCD" I don't think that PC provided any blink codes unfortunately, but I did notice with the freezing that the HDD access light never flashed, indicating it didn't even get far enough to read anything on the drive before it locked up.
Probably a motherboard issue
I figured that was it at this rate, since that PC is pretty old anyways I just opted to replace it with the newer one - consider this solved.
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