• Want to buy a new gfx card but which one?
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[QUOTE=Drumdevil;36063396]Well it's payday and I ordered this baby: [img]http://www.asus.com/websites/Global/products/UNaoyLllnUi1SHKd/q4Wz6eEONHwnPCtq_500.jpg[/img] I choose this one above the EVGA because I read there are a few problems with the EVGA. I think this one looks better and the dual fan makes it more silent also.[/QUOTE] No issues with my EVGA 670, works great.
for the ones who have money is the GTX 680 still worth it? i currently have a ATI HD5870 but it has glitches so i need to get new one.
No, get a 670. Until they make some drivers that make the 680 at least 30% more powerful I wouldn't recommend it.
Just wanted to say I have the GTX 670 from Asus for over a week and it's working great. It's also the most silent card I ever had.
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