• Wireless mouse acts weird when holding down lock buttons on keyboard
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I have a wireless mouse, Razer Orochi to be exact. Whenever I hold down caps lock for a bit (I need to in some video games) the cursor pretty much just stops obeying my command, and continues moving around in a jumpy manner on the screen for a while, depending on how long I hold down caps lock. I got this on two different computers so it is definitely the mouse's problem. In wired mode the mouse doesn't do that but as the wire is kind of broken I prefer to use wireless mode. Can you please help me? [editline]18th June 2012[/editline] I just checked and apparently holding num lock and scroll lock also cause the same thing.
Are the keyboards wireless as well?
[QUOTE=Shadaez;36394258]Are the keyboards wireless as well?[/QUOTE] nope, my desktop has a saitek cyborg usb keyboard and the other computer i tried the mouse on is a laptop
hello hi
I hope you're not using a usb built in to the keyboard.
[QUOTE=moesislack;36473367]I hope you're not using a usb built in to the keyboard.[/QUOTE] huh?
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