• AMD FX 4100 Clock Multiplier not going above 19x?
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AMD FX 4100 CPU 3.8Ghz Gigabyte M68MT-S2 Motherboard I heard that it is fairly simple to get these FX cpus over 4Ghz. When I try to set my multiplier to 19.5, it goes to auto. If above that, it sets itself to 5. Am I missing something here? This has me really puzzled atm.
Are you using the bios? Or a different tool? (FX-6100 user) I have my processor OC'd to 4.2 and running fine. I used the BIOS settings.
[QUOTE=Daemon White;34804784]Are you using the bios? Or a different tool? (FX-6100 user) I have my processor OC'd to 4.2 and running fine. I used the BIOS settings.[/QUOTE] I've tried Bios and software wise In the BIOS, as previously stated, will only go to 19x. If it is set to 19.5, it automatically sets the multiplier to auto. If it's set to anything above 19.5, it sets itself to 5x. Software, using easytune which is used with Gigabyte boards, I've only gotten to 4Ghz. The multiplier will not go up any. So I adjusted the FSB, and if it goes above 4Ghz, it crashes. I can't tell whether it's a motherboard issue or a issue with the CPU, but it seems to be leaning towards the board.
AMD sold you a CPU advertised to work at a specific clock frequency, it's not "broken" because it won't overclock past what AMD rated the CPU at, it's working as advertised. And before you pull "but it has unlocked multipliers" card, AMD also sold you the extra feature of being able to play with the multiplier settings but they didn't guarantee the CPU would perform normally or at all when run out of design specifications.
Maybe it's the motherboard? I'm using an ASUS M5A87. Using the BIOS, no software. Cool and quiet is disabled, OC is set to manual, at 4.2 ghz. Turbo core is Disabled. Try to see if those settings change anything. (Don't know what the multiplier is... maybe 21?)
Well unless you guys have a suggestion for a software tool I can use, then I'm just going to give up on it. I plan on doing some major upgrades in the summer including 32 GB RAM, 2 GTX 550tis or GTX 560s, and a new board which will support the SLI. Thanks anyway for the help
Just use the BIOS. Maybe update the BIOS, or it could be the motherboard. Maybe a limitation put in by AMD on the 4100s. I don't know.
If you increase the FSB, you want to lower the speed your RAM runs at. Most BIOS' has settings that allows you to set speeds at 1066; 1333; 1600 etc. So when you have for example 1600 RAM and you increased the FSB, make sure to put the ram speed to 1333. That way you can increase the FSB till the RAM hits 1600 again. This goes for anything that relates to the FSB. Except for the CPU; which you want to OC.
I never did reset my Board from when I installed the FX-4100 inplace of the Phenom II X2 550 BE I had in it. The limitation may be from that. I'll also try to update the bios aswell.
Such an old post. with the problem I have got, Did you find out why your multiplier will not go over 19 ? :) I have trolled page after page after page clocking the FX 4100, and they all say the same, change the multiplier >x20 ... IT DONT GO ANY HIGHER :) If you had an answer please share :) Thanks
It was locked purposely by the motherboard BIOS and it cannot be overrided
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