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I'm looking to buy a gaming laptop since my computer is getting hogged by my little brothers and that is the only computer that I can use to play my L4D, MW2, and TF2. So, I'm wondering if there is any laptops under about $1200, that I can save up for or get for my birthday. I only main play those three games mentioned earlier, so it has to be able to handle those at least. Post your ideas and suggestions here. Thanks! Typed on my iPod.
It might be cheaper to get a Laptop that is suitable for work and a desktop for gaming but you should be able to get a decent "gaming" laptop for that
There are plenty of laptops that can handle those three games for under 1 200$ but not high settings. I recently purchased an Asus G51 gaming laptop for 1000$ and it can handle most games at medium-high settings with the Nvidia 310M. Of course, that laptop was only for my own brother who ad just broken his computer and needed another asap. Furthermore, laptops are not as flexible as desktop, they generally can't be upgraded so that laptop you get will be the same till it expires. So if it were me, I would use up all my money for the best laptop I could find. I myself just used up all my money buying the G73 for 1 800$.
haha affordable gaming laptop [quote] ox·y·mo·ron   [ok-si-mawr-on, -mohr-] –noun,plural-mo·ra  [-mawr-uh, -mohr-uh] . Rhetoric. a figure of speech by which a locution produces an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect, as in “cruel kindness” or “to make haste slowly.”[/quote] also what the fuck does this have to do with windows? linux can run games with wine... [img]http://community.spiceworks.com/attachments/post/0001/0762/thread-fail-stamp.gif[/img] [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Trolling" - Greeman))[/highlight]
Yes, I know someone who has a gaming laptop for about 10,000 swedish kronor (1 384,89 US-dollar) that can run TF2 and L4D fine, and that was about 2 years ago, so it should be cheaper now, I don't know the name though.
Must it be a laptop? You could get a very very nice PC for $1200
Check out the Asus G72GX-RBBX05, you can get it from Best Buy for $999.99 and it has a Nvidia 260m. Its what I got a month ago and it runs BC2 and MW2 no problem.
Affordable Gaming Laptop Pick 2.
Get the cheap Alienware laptop that came out not to long ago :P its like 800 $ or something.
My Asus K50AB runs TF2 wide open, and Modern Warfare 2 at a decent framerate wide open, but better without anti-aliasing. Not sure about L4D. Gave 600$ US for it.
I've got an eee 1005 ha netbook, it's underpowered yet it can run some games with the right tweaks and settings But yeah, as long as you've got a decent GPU (and by that, I mean, even a 9400M will do) and a CPU that's beefy enough, you'll be fine
My brother got an Advent 7555GX. Really good laptop, quad core, 4GB RAM, 500gb HDD and a mobility 4870. Runs MW2 fine.
cheap and good: [url]http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834220715[/url] hits budget, but very nice: [url]http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834220700[/url]
[QUOTE=DainBramageStudios;21310896]Affordable Gaming Laptop Pick 2.[/QUOTE] And you can't pick gaming and affordable together.
Check out some of Sagers shit, they are really fuckin powerful, basically alienware material, but without the over pricedness, plus kicks the shit out of asus' stuff too. [editline]10:13AM[/editline] [url]http://www.sagernotebook.com/index.php?page=category_browse&selected_cat=3[/url]
To be honest, if you want a laptop you want a small light one that you can hurl around like a book and power on just as fast and use just as easily. If you need something else a portable desktop would be the better choice methinks.
[QUOTE=BmB;21421776]And you can't pick gaming and affordable together.[/QUOTE] You can easily make a gaming computer for cheap. I built a PC two years ago that could max Crysis and it only cost £500
Look into the M11x, it is the only gaming netbook around, clocking in at only 11" wide. Can max most games, although it is at a smaller resolution.
I'd like to point out that on the m11x, they ran Crysis at 30 fps. Of course, the $800 starting price is bare minimum, the advertised 4 gigs of ram and other specs have to be upgraded. After all that, it's around $1000. Er, correction: [quote=Some gaming blog]The M11x at CES carried switchable integrated and Nvidia GT335M graphics, attained 50 FPS in Crysis, and about 6,000 to 7,000 in 3DMark. An exact release date has yet to be defined, but the system is due later this year. [/quote]
I think $1,200 would get you a decent m11x.
Asus makes the best and cheapest gaming laptops. However, whatever you spend on a laptop can get you a more powerful, more customizable desktop.
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