• Best capture device?
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Okay, so I've been thinking of getting a capture card for some time now, but don't know which one one to buy. So what is the best capture card I could get? And if possible, could it write to an external drive, as the one laptop we have is a small netbook. I was considering a Dazzle, but it seems to need a computer to work properly, and the main computer is far away from the TV. All research into the matter doesn't get any specifics, or leads back to the Dazzle. Is there anything else you guys could suggest?
You could get extension cables when needed for the dazzle.
There are rules to what you need for the Dazzle because the regular video cords will have a ghost image if you capture. Buy new cables for the system you're recording, and make sure it has an S-Video plug, And get a few slippers mainly for audio reasons.
Capture cards are for PCs. So you mean you want something like a DVR?
I have a dazzle that I used to use to record my Xbox (whilst running via SCART). All you need is 3 AV splitters (or 1, if you don't need sound). I could draw a picture if you like - the rest is included with the purchase (capture card and spare cables). You need a computer (preferably a laptop). I just moved the tower for the desktop a few inches so the cord could reach (just about). [img]http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/5161/capturecardsetup.png[/img]
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