• Windows 7: Snip vs Paint
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Which one do you prefer when you need to capture a part of your screen? Snip, which is easier to capture a specific area, but harder to edit it afterwards? Or Paint, which is easier to edit, but harder to capture a specific area?
I use Snip. Then if I want to edit it, I copy paste it into my editor of choice. I tend to use Zscreen more now though.
Considering Paint isn't a screen capturing program, Snip.
[QUOTE=Panda X;33273339]Considering Paint isn't a screen capturing program, Snip.[/QUOTE] You can use Print Screen.
[QUOTE=John Madden;33273468]You can use Print Screen.[/QUOTE] Still doesn't make Paint a capturing program.
Two completely different tools.
Snip, it's pretty nice. Although some border detection features would be nice. I believe OSX's screen capture tool has it.
Why can't you snip then paste to paint.net?
Well I usually use alt+prntscrn
I've never really experimented with snip much, and since I've been so used to using print screen and paint in earlier versions of Windows, it's just something that's never changed. I'll try use the snip tool more often, although if I need to capture a specific window I will use the shortcut in the above post
I used Snip a bit, then I discovered ZScreen.
[QUOTE=Zedicus Mann;33650207]I used Snip a bit, then I discovered ZScreen.[/QUOTE] You should try discovering Hyperdesktop. Much, MUCH better than ZScreen.
Evernote has a nice snip feature built in, change the hotkey to Printscrn, and whenever you click it snips anything directly to a note in Evernote.
[QUOTE=Sgt. Lulz;33671943]You should try discovering Hyperdesktop. Much, MUCH better than ZScreen.[/QUOTE] Could you go into detail why Hyperdesktop is better? It seems like a simple snip and upload program for imgur like ZScreen but with less features.
One thing I dislike about ZScreen is its inability to have options in the same location as a previous version.
Onenote. [url]http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/onenote-help/insert-a-screen-clipping-on-a-notes-page-HA102620791.aspx?CTT=1[/url]
[QUOTE=mix999;33746303]Onenote. [url]http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/onenote-help/insert-a-screen-clipping-on-a-notes-page-HA102620791.aspx?CTT=1[/url][/QUOTE] As funny as it sounds, the Windows key + S shortcut is pretty nifty.
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