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I have Vista 32bit, and have encountered a problem. When I run normal vista, I get one of a few errors, directley after my desktop loads. 1) BlueScreen, with the program problem being win32k.sks (or something like that) 2) When I log in, everything says "Has stopped working" EG, every 1 or 2 seconds it will tell me something has stopped working, for example that my "Help and Support" has stopped working, then eventually it will tell me that windows has stopped working and it will close and attempt to restart windows. These two are the consistant ones. These have happened recently too: 1) Something to do with No Paged Area (BSOD) 2) IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (BSOD) 3) Host process (Rundll32) Stopped Working (This may have been a BSOD, I can't renember) 4) Memory_Management (BSOD) To be honest, I had all of my steam games downloading at the same time, because I reinstalled steam on my E drive to save 30gb of space on C. I ponder whether because my harddrive was working for nearly 2 days non stop, and I have it working every day for about 12-7 hours that it may have burnt out. I have backed up all my data I wish to keep onto my E and D drives, windows is located on C. I do not know whether they are actually different drives, or partitioned drives. Please reply quickly before I loose my mind. I have also bourght SWAT 4 from a direct to drive service, and that was downloading along with my steam games over night, I bourght the game on the 29th, and this problem occured yesterday. I cannot install it in SafeMode, and am desperate to play it. If possible, could someone suggest a way to get the neccessary drivers to work on safe mode so I can install and play my game, while I work out how to fix normal mode? I am writing this, if you are wondering, from safe mode with networking. TL:DR: READ IT.
You Cant use safe mode to run that game. the default drivers are set in stone in safe mode!
@TwistedFate Ok... So can you suggest how to fix that without formatting C? Also, I can't system restore as it says that my C is corrupt or something.
I dont. sorry
Could you possibly use a repair CD?
Erm, is that the CD that contains Vista? If not, maybe... I'll have a look during the week.
Try this: In safe mode, go to start, then type msconfig, and open it, then select Diagnostic Startup, then restart
If you have the Vista DVD, reformat...
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