• Alienware x51 case
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Anyone else really craving that case so you can build a compact PC? It looks like they won't sell the case on its own though :( [url]http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/pcs/1290736/dell-alienware-x51[/url]
Buy something that does not resemble an alienware and less people will call you an inexperienced gamer.
I would guess eventually the cases will spring up on ebay (as other alienware ones do), but in the meantime you could just search "Mini-itx" cases and you will get plenty. some examples: [url]http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/mini-itx-small-form-factor-pc-case,2814.html[/url]
Meh, i know all about Alienware and it's overpricedness. That case just looks ideal for transporting and looks good in the living room. I'd probably rip the Alienware logo off haa
Probably the best looking Alienware case i have ever seen at least.
You can build a PC in a mini-itx case. Lian Li makes a few good ones.
You'll regret getting an Alienware case the second you go to a public LAN.
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