• Why is my Intel i5 crunching when I lower the "tension arm"? does this thing fit?
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So i got this new comp. I'm watching the newegg build video series... i'm on the second video at 8 minutes and 9 seconds lowering the tension arm [url]http://youtu.be/d_56kyib-Ls?t=8m9s[/url] Why is my tension arm so... fucking tense? I try to lower it ... but then i hear this suddle grinding The guy in the video doesn't seem to have any trouble. and i don't hear any grinding on the video... wtf is going on? Dammit. Ijust had all these sexy parts bought ... wtf ? [editline]10th January 2012[/editline] dammit what do i do? i'm so scared :(. i bought these parts 3 days ago... and now i cant even put my comp together -_-' fml [editline]10th January 2012[/editline] lost patience... just let it crunch :/
* Make [i]absolutely sure[/i] you are lining up the notches on the CPU itself with the notches on the slot you are lowering it in to; these show you how to orient the CPU * Make sure (if there is one) to remove any placeholder plastic within the slot * Make sure there's no debris or anything else sitting where you're placing the CPU * The guy in the video knows what he's talking about and did it exactly how you should Yes, the tension arm does require a bit of force to push down. It does seem a bit scary pushing down so hard on such a delicate part, but that helps the CPU maintain good, even contact. Make sure the metal plates pushing down on top of the CPU are hooked properly onto the screw. The grinding noise you're hearing could be the plate scraping against that screw. If in doubt, take a picture and show us the area if possible.
shit. well i let it crunch.... should i get my webcam out and reocrd this shit? i'm scared as fuck right now? i turned on the power supply with the supplemental and the... bigger thing connected (i don't have a g-card) ... uhm... so i turned it on. i switche on this thing that said TPU when i turned on the poewr supply.. i see a red and a green dot are we still good? [editline]10th January 2012[/editline] getting webcam now [editline]10th January 2012[/editline] [url]http://tinychat.com/keysle#[/url]
thanks for all the helps guy
Do you get a beep from the motherboard when you turn it on? Have you turned it on? But no, it shouldn't really... crunch... at least that's not how I would describe it. It's like a metal on metal scrape sound in my experience, but never a crunch. [b]Edit[/b]: Also are you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT sure you put it in right. You should reseat it, and triple check everything is as it should be. Read the manual for your motherboard if you have to. Although if you have no bent pins on the CPU, you should be good to go.
I've also heard about this crunchy thingy, but mostly about the earlier i5. People said it crunched when they putted it in place, and when they put tension on it. They also said it wasn't a problem, and it worked fine.
it's just the pins being pressed down a little, it's fine
Same happened with mine, it's not a crunch, it's more of a shhh as the pins get pushed in. It's fine.
Mine done the same, it's not a nice sound.
I just installed an i5 and had the same thing, but assumed it was harmless and it was.
[QUOTE=Protocol7;34275339]I just installed an i5 and had the same thing, but assumed it was harmless and it was.[/QUOTE] Thanks everyone - i have an I5 comeing here... this info is good to know before hand
Mine did this too a little bit, just do it smoothly and don't force it.
Crunch :3 [editline]23rd January 2012[/editline] i love all yall. ALLA YALL
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