• Gaming desktop build around 600 euros.
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Hi guys, a friend of mine wants to build a gaming pc with a budget of 600 euros. He already has the screen and the sound system etc. So it's just the pc itself, no windows needed either. Could someone help me out? Maybe pc parts picker or something. I have a case and psu he can use so I come up with this: [url]http://de.pcpartpicker.com/p/dwNRwP[/url]
Seems reasonable, although personally I'd go for the I5 4690 instead of an AMD FX-6300, if your friend is just going to use it for gaming then it won't really make much difference, perhaps except for poorly optimized games that benefit from higher single thread performance, other than that it's fine.
But the i5 4690 is double the price of the fx-6300 or am I blind? :v:
It is, although you don't need a cooler with it so that reduces the price a bit, it's a choice between better CPU or better GPU, as for what is more important it's hard to say since some games benefit more from a good CPU than a GPU, the GTX 760 will more or less max most current games at reasonable screen resolutions so going for a slightly cheaper one would still give very good gaming performance for less cash.
Okay, thanks for the help, I appreciate it!
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