• Bad Company 2 Online connection issue
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(Not sure if this is the right place to post this, please move it if it's not) I bought Bad Company 2 on Steam recently and I must say it's an awesome game. However, it has developed a slight problem that prevents me from enjoying it as much as I would like. Namely, it will not connect to online matches. It did allow me to connect to them for a couple of days, and now it's...not letting me. Let me explain. I start up BC2. I hit Login. It has 'Connecting' for a bit. I put in my EA account details, hit OK, select my Soldier and hit OK. It says "Updating your Stats" for about 45 seconds, then that little box disappears. My soldier name is at the top, so I assume it thinks I'm logged in. One small problem: it says my stats are all at zero. Every single one. I know this is not true, because I have around 11k points by this point. When I hit "play now" and tell it to find me a game, it comes up with "Searching for games, please wait" for a little while, and then it replaces that window with one reading "Failed to connect to EA Online." As for the server browser, that just outright refuses to work. I've been looking all over the internet for ways to solve this problem. I have friends who can play online just fine, so I don't think it's some sort of problem on EA's end. (I might be wrong, though.) If anyone has any ideas, at all, on how I can solve this, please post them here. For reference, I'm on Vista Home Premium 64-bit.
Try disabling steam overlay. To do that, open steam, click on that button on top called 'View'. Then select 'Settings'. Click on the tab labelled 'In-game' and uncheck "Disable Steam Community In-game"
Maybe you need to open some ports, check which ports for bc2 you need to open.
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