• Best Free video editing software?
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is there any free video editing software, something that can do alot to edit videos? No shareware thanks :) post links please.
The only free video editing software I can think of is Windows Movie Maker, but I rarely used it and I can't tell if it is good or not.
yeah, i have WMM, but it cant recognise the files i want to put into it anything else?
Pinnacle video spin is pretty good, but then again it is probably just a flashy version of WMM, so you might want to look elsewhere.
Last time I used that Pinnacle editor it had LESS features than WMM, it supported more files, but had less transitions and functionality to me.
sony vegas :) [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Hinting at warez" - Rusty100))[/highlight]
[QUOTE=M4rQu5;16625629]sony vegas :)[/QUOTE] "best [b]free[/b] video editing software?"
[QUOTE=limulus54;16626466]"best [b]free[/b] video editing software?"[/QUOTE] He is an 08'r so he is referring to illegal business. Mr 08'r Who posted Sony Vegas, Dats illegal Rite dar! :cop:
I've heard that [url=http://www.debugmode.com/wax/]Wax[/url] should be pretty good
[QUOTE=gerbils_alt;16626851]He is an 09'r so he is referring to illegal business. Mr 09'r Who posted Sony Vegas, Dats illegal Rite dar! :cop:[/QUOTE] He's from 08.. Also, sony vegas is the best, it's fun, simple and easy to edit. If you're ever buying anything go for sony vegas. Here's a nice list, check it out [url]http://tv.isg.si/site/?q=node/873[/url]
I think between Virtualdub(w/plugins), Wax, and Windows MM you should be able to do just about any typical video editing. Add Audacity for sound editing and it's a complete system. It takes longer to learn to use, but that's why it's free. Part of what you're paying for with pro applications is their UI and widely available help and documentation.
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