• Fraps doesn't record 3D games properly
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Hi. I recently got Fraps, but it won't record 3D games properly. For example, recording Minecraft or Garry's Mod will output a very strange frame every second. It looks like pee and water leaking out of the top of the screen. Here's a picture of a frame I "Print-Screen'd" in Garry's Mod Beta. [img]http://i1089.photobucket.com/albums/i360/mitterdoo1/frapsbug.png[/img] Any help?
Does it do it with any other recording software?
Nope. Camtasia works kinda fine, but it doesn't deliver good framerate as Fraps does. I also have CamStudio, but it doesn't record two audio channels and it has low framerate too.
Honest advice, switch to DXTory, works a lot better.
[QUOTE=FlubberNugget;34765898]Honest advice, switch to DXTory, works a lot better.[/QUOTE] This. Dxtory has so much more in it, and runs MUCH smoother, even while recording. I max BC2 out at 60 fps, and while recording, I had no less than 55 fps.
I'll try it out. Thanks for the advice
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