• $1500 - $2000 Budget Build, some usable parts
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[QUOTE=Folgergeist;35562779]84lbs actually. Yes.[/QUOTE] wat
[QUOTE=Clementine;35589851]wat[/QUOTE] who?
Wow people try to correct your shitty knowledge and you try and insult them by telling them that they're using "big" words. I believe personally you should go fuck yourself and stop asking for people to help and then just shut them down for "using big words".
[QUOTE=R4nd0m0s1ty;35536248]For the record, I mentioned "high frames" because I am an avid CoD4 player. Having 125 or 250 or 333 fps gives you an advantage. And yes, this is USD in the US.[/QUOTE] please stop flaming him. He is right. In CoD4, having certain frame rates affects specific things in the game. For example at some frame rates you jump higher, and at some you throw your nade further. I do not know how it works, but as an ex-pro CoD4 player, I can confirm this.
This whole thread is full of stupid, can we just close this? [B]except for garrynohome, only person whos said anything smart[/B]
This thread has a large amount of stupid but it's not all stupid.
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