• MAJOR(?) Steam problem
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It appears that my existence right is being denied on Steam, It had been working fine but now it says upon startup: Unable to connect to the Steam network 'Offline Mode' is unavailable because there is no Steam login information stored on this computer. You will not be able to use Steam until you can connect to the Steam network again. I've been using the same PC all the time and only now has this error started appearing and I'm sure my login still exists as well as my account page. Would anyone be kind to help me out here? [highlight](User was banned for this post ("Learn to use the Edit button, don't just make new threads" - Autumn))[/highlight]
This is the 3rd thread you did...
There's a fucking edit button.
I'd like to apologize for the spamming of this thread. I've been getting some errors but the other threads mustve somehow come through
Turn off offline mode?
Do you have network connectivity? That error is usually thrown when steam cannot connect to the internet and tries to enter offline mode.
He apologized guys no need to freak out, calm the fuck down. Stupid ban as well.
a word to the wise, don't just bump threads to comment on how "stupid the ban" was ;)
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