• Playing a written story in command prompt.
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My friend wants to make a story he wrote play out in command prompt like the telnet server playing Starwars, only no ASCII characters. He wants to make it look as if someone is logging into a computer running MS DOS and opening up a text file. I know there is a way to do this, I'm just not sure how. I know it can be executed through a .bat file.
echo ""?
So is that all I would use? [editline]07:19PM[/editline] How about if I wanted the user to put in a user name and password.
set /p varname="promptgoeshere:" if %varname%=="somevalue" echo success if %varname%=="somethingelse" goto anotherSpot in case you didn't notice, you can put whatever you want after an if statement, whether it's goto, echo, ping, whatever.
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