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[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/scaYD.png[/IMG] - I have a Corsair HX650, HDD/SSDs, and a copy of 7 that I will be reusing from my previous build. - 4 gb of ram hasn't been cutting it and the next increment is straight to 8. I'd rather get 2x 4 gb than 4x 2 gb for obvious reasons. - I won't be doing any multiple card solutions in the future (expo slots, 2 for gfx and then 1 for my wireless card) and the build must be ATI assuming current technology as I'm looking at running 3 or 4 screens off of this single card. Now, FP, I must ask how I can improve on this build? I opted for the 2 GB 6950 as I'm looking into eyefinity gaming and productivity. When are the new cards slotted to come out? I could definitely live with my 5770 for a bit longer if there's something impressive on the horizon (think Fall '11). I'm actually fairly certain I'm going to try this build with my 5770. I don't have a budget but I'm not looking to overdo it; I'm going to be streaming SC2 and the like, using revit/cad/after effects/lightroom and doing a lot of heavy multitasking in general but I don't want to go for say an i7 2600k if the improvement isn't significant enough for my purposes. Is it even a good time to build a matx or should I hold off for something else?
is there a reason for mATX? I'm not 100% on this but I'm pretty sure that 6950 won't fit
Find out the dimensions of the case and the 6950 before even considering this, if it fits, then go for it.
That case looks larger than mine, and my 6950 in there doesn't overheat, so I think he'll be good.
It fits fine In fact the drive bays are made such that if you have a longer card you can remove a few of them to make it fit. Pretty sure there are no consumer cards that don't fit.
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