• Connection issues in either Source games or Steam
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Hello. Since my dad changed our router I've been experiencing connection problems in Source games (Tested: Gmod, Tf2) or Steam. The problem is that when I play on a game server and after a little while everything and everyone stops moving and the little box in the top that says something about connection lost auto disconnect in 30-s. Then I get disconnected for "Lost connection to server". I've tried this on two different Garry's Mod servers and one Team Fortress 2 server. I've checked my AVG (Not sure how to shut off completely, I have only disabled the "anti-virus" part. I tested playing BFBC2 and it went totally fine. I've also tried to take away UPnP, that did not solve the problem. Thanks in advance.
Have you port-forwarded the Steam ports on the router?
Doubt it. I'll try. Oh and by the way I don't lose connection to the steam chat, only to the game servers
I've port-forwarded the Steam ports (27005-27020), that didn't help.
What is the brand and type of the router?
Thomson TG789vn
[QUOTE=Confuzzed Otto;35781552]Thomson TG789vn[/QUOTE] Good luck have fun. Those routers are shit and they break 80% of the time. What router did you have before?
Thomson TG789vn
[url]https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1452-HCVB-6984[/url] Do what it says in the green box, fixed it for me.
Trying that. I've done everything in the green box. Time to hold thumbs.
[QUOTE=nath2009uk;35793729][url]https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1452-HCVB-6984[/url] Do what it says in the green box, fixed it for me.[/QUOTE] Seems that did the trick. Thanks c: [editline]2nd May 2012[/editline] Nevermind, it standed happening again. I'll try to repeat the process and see if it makes any difference.
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