• Graphics card to HDTV issues
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My problem: Ati Radeon 5670 (had for about 3 years no problems until now) Samsung 2333HD 1920x1080 (had for about 3 years no problems until now) My 5670 has always displayed via HDMI (HDMI cables are not a factor in this issue, as I have tested it with 5 different cables) onto my 2333HD (at 1920 x 1080), however, without me changing or touching anything, yesterday I turn on my PC and the TV says "no signal", as apposed to "check signal cable", which indicates no connection. So the TV recognises that something is plugged into the HDMI slot, but that's it. Heres the strange part, two different cards (both Nvidia, not that I imagine that has much to do with this) work fine, displaying correctly through my TV AND when my PC is plugged into a different HD display, my graphics card works fine. summary: MY graphics card -> MY TV = doesn't work DIFFERENT graphics card -> MY TV = does work MY graphics card -> DIFFERENT TV does work I have tried restoring the ATI catalyst settings to default, changing my graphics card to 720 on a different display then plugging it into mine, and I have tried 800x600... I would really like to have this fixed and working how it used to, and even after a day this is causing me stress >:/ My graphics card has a DisplayPort output so I was thinking if theres no success, I could try using a DisplayPort to HDMI cable, would that work? I greatly appreciate any help, I am able to troubleshoot most hours and I will try and reply as fast as possible to any contributors.
No one knows the answer? :(
Its going to be really difficult for us to diagnose a problem such as this as it could be so many things, or one small thing. There are a few things you could try like downgrading to an older version of the ATI drivers, if that works then it is obviously the drivers, also updating the BIOS of the GFX card (if possible), you could also check to see that the BIOS settings on your computer are correct, or even resetting them to default. I honestly have no clue if any of these will work, but definately worth a shot. Also are you able to use the same TV and graphics card in a completely different PC?
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