• After formating my PC doesn't detect apps from the other hard drive
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So that's it, my pc has 2 hard drives, C: and D:, C: is the main while I use D: to install and keep the big things (games, downloads...). So my pc was asking for a format screaming and I formated C:, everything went fine until I found out that all the apps I had installed on D: aren't detected by my pc, and that's a problem because I need to patch one game (Medieval II total war) and I can't. I could reinstall everything, but that would take long time and specially I haven't got the CDs of medieval, so is there any way to make your pc detect all what you have on the other hard drive?
The main problem is C: is where the registry entries are kept and that allows it to find where all your stuff is. I think the only way to fix this is to reinstall everything unless you can add the keys manually, and I haven't a clue how to do that.
I forgot to add that I can play the games Well I guess that sucks, I'll have to reinstall and all that, what annoys me is that I don't have the CDs for medieval, but I'll move my lazy ass. Thanks anyways for the answer
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