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fuck Facebook I'm getting this
Oscar Graves
PM me with your email address if you want an invite. EDIT: It looks like registration is closed for today. I can still send invites if you want them, but they won't work until google allows more people in. EDIT2: Well some people have gotten in, so it's worth trying anyway. Sent 9 invites so far.
I'm waiting on a pass so I can try this out. I'm actually pretty excited about Google+.
It looks interesting, if anyone has invites, send one my way!
Can someone send me an invite?
Invite please. :3:
Why does this remind me so much of the "i" TV commercials?
[QUOTE=papu2;30843075]Why does this remind me so much of the "i" TV commercials?[/QUOTE] Cause it's + then x "+google +shower +phone"
put this in the op, it's a great article [url]http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2011/06/inside-google-plus-social/[/url] google's betting the farm on this one
Got a bunch of invites already but every time I try to sign up it tells me they are full and not accepting new users :argh:
Would appreciate an invite!
Invite whoring incoming. [editline]2nd July 2011[/editline] For real though I need one
Couldn't get in but sweet av Dav0r
I like your Thebe avatar, dav0r litter life
Got an invite, but still can't register :smith:
I'd like an invite, so when the registration opens back up I can actually get in.
Dav0r = dosh
I've sent out 16 invites so far and 2 have managed to register. Going to bed now, but you can still PM me your email address and I'll get to it in the morning. EDIT: 3 more sent. Really really going to bed now.
The circles concept is excellent. Posting shit relevant to only specific groups, allows for more privacy control.
I think google has made a smart move by making this invite only. When I first heard about it I thought it was a bit meh but now that I can't have it I want it.
It seems nice so far, I'd like Twitter integration of some sort but other than that it's pretty awesome.
Got an invite yesterday... Just waiting for it to open up again.
I have an invite but can't sign up with it. :smith:
[QUOTE=brandonsh;30844803]I have an invite but can't sign up with it. :smith:[/QUOTE] Try every few hours, it seems to open up randomly.
I'll be interested to see what google do with this, I'ma be wary and stay back for the moment.
I've had two invites sent my way, and I've never even gotten so much as an email about them. Gmail account, of course.
This allows me to compartmentalise my friends, I've always wanted that. If someone could send me an invite, that'd be cool. Just so when they do open up, I can join straight away.
I would love an invite, been searching for a while now :saddowns:
I would like a invite but i guess a lot of people already asked :), This looks intressting but i feel that too few invites have gone out.
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