• Windows 7 - Cracky sound and FPS issue
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Hello! I`m getting recently some weird problems with my laptop. The problem is that some time after i launch game example : Magicka, my sound isn`t normal. It`s like custom sound on sv_pure 2 server. Even worse, i`m getting 4-5 fps during that. After few seconds everything goes back to normal. Few months ago i switched my air condittioning system in laptop. Everything went +20% faster than before. Few days ago also, my brother infected laptop with some virus in .scr extension. I managed to fix it but that maybe cause [sp]Sorry if there are grammar errors[/sp] [sp]Also sorry if this is wrong section[/sp] [sp]No. Laptop doesn`t suck[/sp]
Check nothing is using lots of cpu in task manager
Could be a heat problem either.
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