• green pixels on screen, could use some help...
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I have a Dell laptop with a Hd6990m graphics card in it. When I started it up today I noticed some green pixels on my screen. The pixels don't stay in the same area they move around with whatever is moving on the screen. Anyone got an idea? [editline]8th August 2012[/editline] Anyone?
Well they're definitely not dead pixels as you say they move, so it's either a corrupted graphics driver or your graphics card is overheating, check temps
Currently reinstalling drivers, what should I do if it is overheating? [editline]8th August 2012[/editline] So I can switch between gpu's my Hd 6990m and a standard intel one for low power usage. If I switch to the intel gpu the green pixels are gone. So it has something to do with my ati card. I reinstalled the drivers but the pixels are still there I checked the temperature of the card and it's around 60 degrees celcius. any ideas?
I've had this problem for a very long time, your card could have become defective. Try taking a screenshot and putting it up here, if it isn't your card I doubt the pixels would show. [editline]9th August 2012[/editline] Is the laptop new by any chance?
I have it for almost a year now. The pixels don't show up in screenshots.
That is really strange, then. If the card were truly defective, or overheating or something it'd surely render the pixels in the screenshot. There could be damage to the link between your monitor/MOBO and the video card, with your computer being a laptop and all. Does this problem only occur when the card becomes hot?
Have you dusted out the laptop, you could change the thermal paste if you want, normally the gpu thermal paste becomes very hard and rubbery, from what I've seen in multiple laptops that have been used over a few years. Download speccy and post a screenshot of it here so we can see your temperatures.
As I said when I switch to the Intel Gpu the green specs are gone. I'll try and remove dust, as far as I can see there is almost none though.
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