• Someone mind building me a decent computer?
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And not build as in you actually physically build it, I mean link the parts from newegg or something. It doesn't really have to be fantastic, but I would like it to at least run StarCraft II on ultra with little to no lag. Budget is about $700ish. And don't bother linking my a hard drive. I have a decent 500 gig one already installed in my current PoS rig.
What about a dvd drive? little things like that What is your computer now
No, you can do it yourself, but we can help pick your parts.
Build it yourself, it's like putting together a lego set. Just don't do anything stupid and you'll be fine. (like forgetting standoffs)
ITT: people not reading the OP. Really it isn't hard to pick out parts yourself. On a budget like yours it's really just all about compromising. Do some research on parts about a generation or two back and compare for prices. Like, for intel and nvida stuff, you gotta be looking for Core 2 Duos instead of i7s and 8000/9000 series GPUs instead of 200/400s.
he said he's going to build it himself.
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